Aan de Surinaamse Grachten
Museum van Loon

Museum van Loon is a museum in the former canal home of the van Loon family. The family’s history, and the contents of the museum are directly tied to former plantations in Suriname and the founding of the VOC. The exhibition Aan de Surinaamse Grachten  was created to illuminate this context.

The documentary I was commissioned to direct features a conversation between those that descent from enslaved people and those that descent from enslavers and other people that benefitted from slavery. The film was screened in a room in the exhibition with space for the audience to leave their reflections on a wall of notes.

The opening of the film, which you can see below, is a dramatized depiction of some of the feelings expressed in the documentary. I wanted to give the audience a tangible feel for what it might be like to experience the wealth in this museum from the perspective of someone with Afro-Surinamese descent.

director, DOP Robbert Doelwijt Jr.
composer Mar Omin
curator Marian Duff

Exhibited at museum van loon (2019-2020)