Gemeente Amsterdam
The Southeast borough of Amsterdam (Bijlmer) is diverse, rich with culture and it holds many beautiful stories. Unfortunately these stories have historically been underexposed and often misrepresented. As an artist born and raised there myself, it was an honor to create a celebration of OSCAM and Bijlmer Parktheater. As art institutions they have been and continue to be instrumental in surfacing these stories and the artists behind them.

In putting together this celebration it was important for me to capture this world in a dignified way. These films needed to speak from the community’s perspective, not just about it. I felt that 16mm celluloid film would be the right format to give these stories the cinematic weight they deserve.

Featuring OSCAM, Bijlmer Parktheater, Zara Pourier, OTION, Marian Duff, Ernestine Comvalius and Jolanda Spoel

director Robbert Doelwijt Jr.
producer Michelle van Huisstede
dop Dionne Cats
composer Mar Omin

shot on 16mm film